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The company Gopack (d.o.o.) is located in Nova Gorica in the far west of Slovenia, near the Italian border, about 100 km away thus from the Slovenian capital Ljubljana as from Venice.

Thanks to our experience dating back to 1990 and to more than 500 sold machines, Gopack can offer its clients a very wide range of packaging machines designed and created to meet the high demands of the packaging market. These machines, equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology, are designed to ensure a high production efficiency and low maintenance costs. The “user-friendly” concept of the machine in fact improves the operator’s life and reduces the manual operation to a minimum.

The Gopack machines are able to pack any sort products such as powders, granulates, liquids, pastes or single pieces, and they are used in various sectors of goods, like the Food, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Chemical Industry as well.

The various Gopack machine types are developed according to the necessities of each individual client and are able to form, fill and seal various types of pack such as bags sealed on 3 sides, called “stickpack”, pyramidal sachets, called “tetrahedron”, bags sealed on 4 sides, pillow-packs, stand-up bags, etc..

The production of complete automatic lines, in addition to single machines, is another strong point of the company: highly personalized lines, from primary to secondary packaging, are developed and built according to the requirements of each client and of each specific market.

It is possible to make 3D explosion drawings of any type of Gopack machine.