Multitube Machines

The multitube packaging machine forms, fills and seals tubular sachet sealed on 3 sides, called “sticks”, and pyramidal sachet, called “tetrahedrons”.

The Multitube packaging machines are made in two version:

• Multitube, with asynchronic motor;
• Multitube-s, which is controlled completely by Brushless servo-motors which provide accuracy of dosing and high precision of sealing.

The machines are made from stainless steel and anodized aluminium and are equipped with PLC and touch-screen to constantly monitor function and parameters to diagnose alarms and anomalies.

The good quality of materials of the machine and a cantilever sealing area allow the easy control, cleaning and handling of the machine.

The Multitube machines are able to pack any sort of product such as powders, granulates, liquids or pastes for various sectors of good like food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemicals.

Depending of the product to be packed, the machine can be equipped with appropriate dosing unit or combination of dosing units.

In base of the stickpack bag width, the Multitube machine can be produced with output lanes ranging from 2 to 20 lines.


MULTITUBE granular machine 12 lanes

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Powder Pharma

MULTITUBE powder machine 5 lanes with auger filler dosing unit

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Liquid Automatic Line

MULTITUBE Liquid Machine 8 lanes with Pick&Place for honey

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MULTITUBE tetrahedron machine 10 lanes

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Complete Automatic Line

Tray Forming machine + Multitube 12 lanes + Tray Closing machine

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